Oakville Coffee Shops

Whether you have a craving for Timmys, Starbucks, Second Cup or other coffee shops in Oakville, or just take a coffee with your meal at one of Oakville's local restaurants, you can have the exact cuppa joe you want by sprinkling on cinammon or other add-ons.

Difference between a cappachino and a latte?

Cappachinos are made with espresso and foam with about half of the cup milk and the latte is made with more steamed milk with only a little foam on top.

The latte will taste a bit weaker than a cappachino because there is more milk in the latte.

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Coffee Houses Oakville - Retail

Coffee Houses Oakville Coffee CupNeed a cup o' joe? Oakville has the coffee houses and retail stores to serve up a piping fresh cup of coffee. You can get flavored coffees like seasonal pumpkin spice latte's, chi tea, or a double double!

You can get fancy and order a half-caff, no-foam, watchamacallit and more instructions vanilla latte. Or settle for a delicious cappachino.

Oakville Coffee Shops
Company Oakville Carpet Dealers  
Bean There 106 Reynolds  
Green Bean Coffee 210 Lakeshore Rd. E.  
Second Cup 3513 Wyecroft Rd.  
Speers Cafe 509 Pinegrove  
Starbucks 2509 Prince Michael  
Starbucks 223 N. Service Rd. W.  
Starbucks 2983 Westoak Trails  
Starbucks 195 Lakeshore Rd. E.  
Tea Leaves 2417 Marine  
Tim Coffee 624 Third Line  
Tim Hortons 754 Bronte Rd.  
Tim Hortons 111 Cross St.  
Tim Hortons 494 Dundas St. W.  
Tim Hortons 49 Lakeshore Rd. W.  
Tim Hortons Hopedale Mall  
Tim Hortons 2303 Lakeshore Rd. W.  
Tim Hortons 515 Maple Grove Dr.  
Tim Hortons 260 N. Service Rd.  
Tim Hortons 1530 N. Service Rd. W.  
Tim Hortons 2322 Royal Windsor  
Tim Hortons 2960 S. Sheridan Way  
Tim Hortons 587 Third Line  
Tim Hortons 135 Trafalgar  
Tim Hortons 2355 Trafalgar  
Tim Hortons 228 Wyecroft  
Timothy's World Coffee 321 Lakeshore Rd. E.  
Timothy's World Coffee 2055 Winston Park Dr.  
Timothy's World Coffee 240 Leighland  

Oakville Coffee Houses

Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington offer many fine coffee locations. Above are the Oakville Coffee Listings.