Oakville Grocery Store

From fresh produce to all the staples and food items you need, your local well-stocked grocery stores offer a wide variety of local and imported foods.

You can find discount coupons and special flyers in your local Oakville Beaver newspaper or in stores.

Grocery Store

Oakville Groceries

Your local grocery store offers a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. The more colorful it is, the healthier it is.

An apple a day.....


Oakville Grocery Stores

Oakville, Ontario has many well-stocked grocery stores and grocers. Large supermarkets and small independant grocers as well as Oakville delis provide quality foods at affordable prices. Check the in-store flyers for current deals. Here are some local listings to find grocers in Oakville Ontario.

Oakville Grocery Stores Listings
Fruit Fiesta (905) 616-6091 Oakville
Centre Golden Grocers 579 Kerr Street Oakville
Diamond Grocers 146 Speers Road Oakville
Dominion Food Stores 478 Dundas Street W Oakville
Dominion Food Stores Hopedale Mall Oakville
Dominion Food Stores 1011 Upper Middle Road Oakville
Dominion Food Stores Upper Middle and Eighth Line Oakville
Fantasy Fruit Market 427 Speers Road Oakville
Frank's Food Basics 530 Kerr Street Oakville
Fruit Fiesta Oakville Fruit and Veggie Bouquets (905) 616-6091
Dave's Food Basics 5353 Lakeshore Road Oakville
Hasty Market 879 Cranberry Crt. Oakville
Longo's 338 Dundas Road E Oakville
Longo's 3455 Wyecroft Oakville
Oakville Golden Grocers 2427 Trafalgar Road Oakville
Oakville Price Chopper 2501 Third Line Oakville
Organic Garage 579 Kerr Street Oakville
Price Chopper 3505 Upper Middle Road Oakville
Real Canadian Superstore 201 Oak Park Blvd. 905-849-8885
Sobey's 1500 Upper Middle Road Oakville
Sobey's 2441 Lakeshore Road W Oakville
Sobey's 511 Maple Grove Drive Oakville
Tropical 391 Kerr Street Oakville


Oakville Grocers - Grocery Stores

In addition to the grocery stores above, you can also find groceries in your local Wal-Mart, Zellers, Costco and other discount and department stores.

Check out the coupons in the Thursday Oakville Beaver.