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Local knowledgable insurance agents can help you get an affordable policy that will cover you against loss on both your home and business.


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Oakville Insurance Agent or Broker?

Who should I use? Both can enter you into an insurance agreement but in different ways:

Your Oakville Insurance Agent is a person who has an agency contract with an insurance company. An agent does not work for the insurance company but is an independant contractor. The agent (but not the broker) can bind coverage which obligates the insurance company to insure you from a certain date forward. An agent that hires employees to service their policyholders is referred to as an agency.

A broker also does not work for the insurance company and has permission to get insurance quotations for clients. The broker usually shops insurance companies to find the best deal on behalf of the client. If an agreement is reached it is the insurance company that then binds coverage. The broker's fee is built into the insurance premium which the broker discloses to the client.

Both agents and brokers need to pass the same exam to sell insurance but where agents usually represent the insurance company, the broker represents the client.

So in the end it will still come down to finding an individual firm or company you are comfortable working with and the deal they can offer.

Oakville Insurance Brokers

Whether you want to insure your car, business or home, you will find a competent neighborhood insurance agent or broker.

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Oakville Insurance Brokers
Oakville Insurance Agents    
Affiliated Insurance Management 344 Lakeshore Road E #A Oakville
Albenese Financial Group 2904 S. Sheridan Way Oakville
Alessta Insurance and Financial 260 Church Street Oakville
All at One Insurance 1235 Trafalgar Road Oakville
All Risks Insurance Brokers 455 Kerr Street Oakville
AON Reed Stenhouse 2010 Winston Park Dr. #200 Oakville
Barber Bryan 455 Kerr Street Oakville
Cargill Insurance Brokers 474 Morden Road #204 Oakville
Catherine Thompson Insurance 2952 Kingsway Drive Oakville
DPB Insurance and Financial 305 Lakeshore Road E. Oakville
Dobson and Toncic Insurance 2020 Winston Park Drive Oakville
Douglas James G 1075 N. Service Rd. W Oakville
Excu-Comp Insurance 1158 Winston Churchill Oakville
Fava Insurance Brokers 366 Kerr Street Oakville
Flavelle K 2339 Copperwood Drive Oakville
HUB International Ontario 2265 Upper Middle Road E Oakville
Hartland Insurance Brokers 2095 Granby Drive Oakville
Hughes and Associates Insurance 145 Lakeshore Road E. Oakville
Magnes Group 1540 Cornwall Road Oakville
McGowan insurance Services 391 March Street Oakville
McMichael Davis Marine Ins. 77 Bronte Road #103 Oakville
Neziol Group Inc. 481 N. Service Road W. Oakville
Oak West Insurance Brokers 2350 Lakeshore Road W Oakville
Oakin Insurance Brokers 603 Argus #102 Oakville
Oakville Insurance Brokers Ltd. 345 Lakeshore Road E Oakville
Ontario Wide Insurance Solutions 145 Lakeshore Road E. Oakville
Powell Insurance Brokers 349 Davis Road, Oakville 905-844-3542
Powell Insurance High Risk Quote 349 Davis Road, Oakville 905-331-7476
R Picano Insurance 1200 Speers Road Oakville
Spriggs Insurance Brokers Ltd. 159 Church Street Oakville
Ten Star Financial Services 1175 N. Service Road W.#201 Oakville
Ufans Insurance Services 603 Argus Oakville
Wagner J R Realty Ltd 156 Trafalgar Road Oakville


Insurance Brokers Oakville Ontario

Locate your local insurance broker in Oakville Ontario Canada to help with your auto, boat, home or business insurance needs. Get competitive quotes locally from insurance brokers and insurance agents. See our Oakville insurance agent listings for more insurance contacts.

There are also specialized firms in the Oakville Life and Health insurance sector as well as consultants and general insurance firms.