Pest Control

Trust your local pest control expert to keep pests at bay in your home or office.

Pests can include ants, cockroaches, termites or even various flies. There are also rodent problems, spiders, mosquitos, silverfish, ticks wasps and bees, crickets, moths and fleas.

Carpenter ants can destroy wood decking and framing.

Pest infestation can be seasonal so a qualified pest control expert is the best solution to a long term solution.


DYI Pest Control Prevention

Before a pest control issue develops, there are many things that can be done around the home to prevent pest infestation.

Removing standing puddles of water can help avoid mosquito breeding.

Cover any garbage that may attract critters including the garbage under the sink.

Seal gaps that may allow mice, roaches and other small pest to enter the home.

Seal food tightly to avoid mice and other pantry pests.

Keep the rear lawn mowed to avoid hiding and breeding areas for other pest types including snakes.

Oakville Pest Control

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Pest Control Oakville

Remove dangerous pests and other home infestations by calling a local pest control expert.

Practise pest control avoidance by taking common steps to avoid attracting various types of bugs and pests.

Take control of your home and get rid of pests.