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Local Oakville Pool dealers can help you plan and install your swimming pool or entire backyard paradise.Oakville Swimming Pools

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Visit your local pool dealer to plan your swimming pool installation.

Pool and Spa Vac - Portable

Oakville Pools require a permit and there are many regulations including a four foot fence around the perimeter of the pool or spa.

Your local pool builder can advise you of best practises for a safe swimming pool installation.

Spa Hot Tub Oakville

Oakville Spas

Find a hot tub spa locally in Oakville, or you can even find them online.

Replace your hot tub filter annually.

Hot Tub Tips:

Hot tubs are often priced according to features, so you can narrow down what is really important to you by first determining if you want a lounger or not.

Having a lounger allows you to lay down in the spa, but this usually takes up the room of 2 or 3 other seats.

In Europe, spas with loungers are more popular, in the States, many more non-lounger spas with seating all around are sold.

Once you determine lounger/non-lounger you can then look into spa size, number of seats and quantity of jets and pumps.

There are plenty of spa accessories you can add such as LED lighting, or just an LED lightbulb in place of the standard 5W bulb, steps, cover lifters, chemical packages and even a sound system.

Try spa fragrances in your spa (either liquid or crystals) for instant aromatherapy!

Some hot tubs require special packets that go in a canister which is connected to the air blower, but even in those you can use external liquid spa fragrance.


Oakville Pools and Spas

Find a pool and spa dealer in Oakville, Ontario. Whether you are looking into an above ground pool, inground pool, fitness pool or hot tub spa, Oakville has many pool and spa dealers that offer pool, hot tub and leisure furniture and supplies, sales and service. Buying a hot tub online can also save money. Get spa supplies online in Canada.

Oakville Pool and Spa Dealers
Spa Parts and Accessories TheHotTubSuperstore.com Online Hot Tub Supplies and Spa Parts
Hot Tubs Spa Dealers   Oakville
Arctic Spas 1027 Speers Road Oakville
Beachcomber Oakville 1318 Speers Road Oakville
Canadian Spa 2379 Lakeshore Oakville
Hydropool Oakville 2528 Bristol Circle Oakville
Online Hot Tub Spas   Oakville
Hot Tub Spa Online www.hottubspa.ca Ontario
Hot Tub Spa Parts Online www.hottubspaparts.ca Canada
Buy Spa Canada www.buyspa.ca Canada
Canada's Hot Tub Superstore www.thehottubsuperstore.com Canada
Pool Dealers   Oakville
Austin Caroll Pool 790 Redwood Sq. Oakville
Brander's Pool Service 481 N. Service Road W. Oakville
Canada Pool 1429 Speers Road Oakville
GEM Pools 2479 Beryl Oakville
Hydropool 2528 Briston Circle Oakville
Ian McClelland 2334 Wyecroft Oakville
International Pool and Spa 1050 Speers Road Oakville
Pioneer Family Pools 1020 S. Service Road E. Oakville
Poolside 1470 Speers Road Oakville
Total Tech 1380 Speers Road Oakville

Oakville Pool Service

For pool openings and closings, hot tub maintenance and other leisure product service, find an Oakville Pool Service company in our services listings. Appointments for pool openings are usually made weeks in advance. With nice spring weather, opening a pool is something to look forward to. After this year's extended, cold winter, everyone is looking forward to jumping in the pool!

hot tub filtersWhen spring rolls around it is time to do 2 things: change the smoke alarm batteries and change the cartridge filters in your hot tub if they are over a year old.

At least clean and rinse them off or even use an overnight filter soak solution to open the pores up as well. This can also apply to pool cartridge filters.

Hot Tub Problems

Water Quality Related Issues

Basic hot tub water tips: (use test strips or a test kit to test water)

Maintain sanitizer level

Maintain pH Level between 7.2-7.6

Shock water weekly with non-chlorine shock treatment

Rinse off filter every 2 weeks, replace hot tub filter annually

Top Spa Equipment Issues

  1. Pump problems
  2. Heater problems (which may also be a pump problem)
  3. Spa Pack or Electronics issues
  4. Leak (usually after a winter of leaving it empty, a pipe may have cracked)
  5. Replacement Jets or jet faces

Get hot tub parts online at Canada's TheHotTubSuperstore.com or have a local tech work on your spa.