Oakville Swimming Pool Service

Find a local pool service specialist when you have questions about opening or closing your pool or need chemicals or service assistance.


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Oakville Pools

Open or close your pool for the season with a local swimming pool professional.

Prevent damage from freezing over the winter by properly draining equipment of standing water.

Pool Safety covers can protect the pool over the winter months.

Swimming pool oakville service



Oakville Swimming Pool Service

Find a local pool company to help open or close your pool for the season. Buy chemicals and get expert advice or service for your swimming pool.

Oakville Pool Service
Brander's Pool Service 481 N. Service Rd A35 Oakville
Craigie Pool Service 1196 Grange Oakville
Efficient Pools 785 Pacific Road Oakville
Halton Peel Natural Gas 2076 Speers Road 905-827-4983
Leisure Industries 504 Iroquois Shore Rd Oakville
Mirage Pool Service 5085 N. Service Rd Burlington
Pioneer Family Pools 1020 S. Service Rd E Oakville
Pool Doctor 205 Cheltenham Oakville
Poolside Swimming Pools 1470 Speers Road Oakville
Serenity Pools 504 Forestwood Dr. Burlington
Ultimate Pool Service 1428 Speers #4 Oakville

Pool Service in Oakville Ontario

Find a local swimming pool service company to help maintain and service your pool. Have you ever tried swimming pool enzymes to help reduce the amount of chlorine needed in the pool? Waters Choice and other pool enzyme manufacturers provide this water treatment online.

Some choose to winterize the pool themselves while others have a service do it for them.

How to Open a Pool for Summer

Marcus shows how to open a pool for the summer in this video:

Start by taking the plugs off of the returns and following step by step instructions. Get the action going for your inground swimming pool and have a great summer!