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Local Oakville Television dealers can help you pick out the best flat screen for your living room or bedroom, or even in the bathroom above the tub!

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Visit your local electronics store for a large selection of television, lcds, flat screen tvs, surround sound systems and electronics.

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Oakville Television

Find a television locally in Oakville, or you can even find them online.

It's amazing how cheap flat screen tvs have become. Just a few years ago the same type of LCD cost hundreds and even thousands more.

Just walk through the isles of a Costco and marvel at the 60"+ screens for low prices. 

Oakville Television

Find a television in Oakville. There are several qualified tv outlets that can sell you that next lcd or plasma television set. If you require television service, visit our service pages for tv service listings.

Oakville Television Dealers
Pool Dealers   Oakville
Brick 990 Fraser Drive Burlington
Electronics Place 505 Pinegrove Road Oakville
Flippance and Carr 2441 Lakeshore Road W. Oakville
Naylor Group 455 N. Service Road E. Oakville
2001 Audio Video 3350 Fairview Burlington
Future Shop Dorval Crossing - Town Centre Oakville
Best Buy hwy. 403 - east on Dorval Rd. Mississauga
Wal Mart various locations Oakville


Oakville TV Service

For a TV repair service, see our Oakville Services Listings

Sometimes the TV is under warranty (usually 1 year) and other times it is out of warranty and may require service. Also sometimes it is just worth buying a new television, especially as lcd and led screens continue to drop in price. Recently at Costco, an 80" TV was seen for like $3,500! That is incredible. Smaller televisions can be had for a few hundred dollars. So always weigh the cost of repair vs. just buying new.