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This year has been a beautiful year on the Ontario roads (Unless you were stuck in the traditional 400-cottage country traffic).

Drive safely this winter season by assuring you have the proper winter tires.

To avoid slipping all over the road, especially when driving up north, a family ski trip or out of town, plan to rotate your tires with a set of winter tires to keep you safe this winter.

You can also buy used quality used tires in Oakville.

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Oakville hosts a variety of businesses from the independantly owned and operated small businesses to the large chain stores and multinational companies.

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Run-flat tires are a newer technology that add a bit to the cost of switching out summer for winter tires using the same rims as they are more time intensive to change.

Models such as Toyota Sienna come standard with the run-flat tires, so they don't require a spare tire.

There are self-supporting tires that protect the tire from going flat in the event of a small hole.

The other type of run-flat is a self-sealing tire. In both cases, they minimize tire pressure loss in the event of a small puncture until the tire can be repaired or replaced.


Tires Oakville Tire Dealers

Buy tires for your Oakville vehicle! Find great deals locally or online.

Oakville Tire Listings
A-OK Auto and Tire 2456 Royal Windsor Dr.  
Active Green and Ross 667 4th Line  
Canadian Tire 1100 Kerr Street  
City Tires 2092 Speers Road  
Costco various locations  
Eastside Auto Service 573 Chartwell Road  
Firestone Tire 280 Speers Road  
Goodyear-Youngs 297 Speers Road  
Goodyear-4th Line Auto 559 Speers Road  
Suntire Canada 303 Upper Middle Road E  
Jensen Tire Sales 928 Winston Churchill Bl.
Oakville Tire Service 1050 South Service Rd E  
Used Tire Depot 273 Speers Road  
Value Tire and Auto Centre 238 Speers Road  
Wal Mart Tire and Lube Trafalgar and Hwy 5  

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Tires and Tire Dealers in Oakville

Whether your tire or tires need retreading, repairing or you just need a set of winter tires, now is the time to prepare for the winter driving season. Your neighborhood tire dealer can help you pick the right tires to get you safely through the winter.

They can even provide you with snow chains and winter driving advice! Avoid the rush when the first signs of snow inevitably appear by planning early.

Concerned about your tread wear? Your tire tread depth is important for keeping a grip on the road especially in wet and snow conditions.

There are many tire brands including Firestone, Cooper, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Dunlop, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, Michelin as well as specialty tires, snow and mud tires, performance tires and more. Buy tires that are good quality and carry a good guarantee. Check your tire pressure regularly to avoid premature wear.

For tires and wheels, see your local tire dealer. Know the exact tire brand and model you need? Want to find the best price? Email us at with your current quote in Oakville, and we will see if we can beat it within 24 hrs.